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The Vetiver Education & Empowerment Project (VEEP) model & the Vetiver System (VS) in the Caribbean

Presentation by Jonathan Barcant, Caribbean Coordinator of the Vetiver Network international at the GEF UNEP IWEco Project 17th Partners' Webinar, on 18th January 2022.


Vetiver eco-engineering - plant characteristics and overview of applications worldwide

Presentation made by Elise Pinners, Director of The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) at GEF UNEP IWEco's 17th Partners' Webinar on 18th January 2022.


Natural Capital Accounting in the Caribbean

This presentation, part of UNEP GEF IWEco's Partners' Webinar series, and given on 19th January 2021, provided context on the conceptual underpinnings of natural capital accounting, and the general process by which the accounts are built. Links to international initiatives, such as the United Nations System of Environmental-Economic Accounting - Ecosystem Accounts (UN SEEA-EA), which provide a standardised understanding of how accounts should be produced (such as by National Statistics Offices), and the Sustainable Development Goals, were also explored.


The LBS Protocol: Catalyzing Regional Cooperation to Combat Marine Pollution

Presentation by the UNEP Cartagena Convention Secretariat on the Land-based Sources of Marine Pollution (LBS) Protocol and its Regional Activity Centres -  the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), Trinidad and Tobago, and the Centro de Investigacion y Manejo Ambiental del Transporte (CIMAB), Cuba -  for IWEco's Ninth Partners' Webinar in November 2020.


IWEco Webinar: Training on the systematic integration of economic valuation of "wet" ecosystem services into the TDA/SAP process - UNIDO, GEF IW:LEARN

Online training presentation prepared for the UN Environment Programme implemented, GEF-funded IWEco Project by UNIDO in  collaboration with GEF IW:LEARN.  Prepared and presented by Eduard Interwies at IWEco's Sixth Partners' Webinar on 15th September 2020.


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