The Global Environment Facility's recently held Expanded Constituency Workshop showcased IWEco’s Saint Lucia National sub-Project as a good example under the theme: Landscape Approach for Blue Economy and Sustainable Finance, on its Knowledge Day, 30 May 2019 in Saint Lucia. 

Of particular interest were the policy implications of the project, community involvement in planning and implementation of the project, collaboration amongst different ministries, livelihood aspects and mainstreaming.

Among those who made presentations on various aspects of the project were: Alfred Prospere, Acting Chief Forest Officer, who is also IWEco’s National Focal Point/Project Director; Michael Bobb, Manager, Soufriere Marine Management Association (SMMA); Nadia Cazaubon, a Director at Caribbean SEA, one of the communication partners under the IWEco project; Sandra Prospere of the Fond St. Jacques Development Committee; and Dr. Donatian Gustave, the Assistant Chief Forest Officer.

We salute the Saint Lucia National sub-Project for its hard work to engage national and community stakeholders - so important for sustainable progress!